Amor de la Calle

“AMOR DE LA CALLE first campaign for the 'Trajes Alegres' collection is a walk through the faintly-lit night streets where we celebrate a variety of hot personalities, events and movements memorialised in our boutique’s vitrine.”

Photography and Set Design - Daniel Vintém
Creative Direction - Daniel Vintém and Martim Alvarez (Founder & Designer of Amor de La Calle) 
On Set Styling Assistant - Pilar do Rio
Make up - Du
Hair - Soya
Studio - Pedro Nóbrega Image Makers

Cast: @pexlegs @cpereira16 (@facemodelsagency@miudatomica @guadadagua @chiquito______ @j.essicamoon🕯
Stella Maris (Book)

🌟 Stella Maris’ Book is a photography narrative that comes from a deep hole into the ground - a well. From it's characteristics, like darkness and depth, comes an exploration of images that look like a dream. The images are a reflection on everyday events but also a clash with the surreal. What is between the cover and the back cover, between peek into the "bottom", and pull something from the “bottom”, it is exactly a dreamlike universe. 👩‍🚀
Web of Singularities (Photobook)
Author Edition (1/1). Sewn Binding; Hardcover; Inkjet print;
July, 2019
Necrogene (Platinum Print)

💀nécrogène (-gène, du gr. γ ε ́ ν ο ς «origine»), adj. Qui prend naissance dans une matière organique morte (Méd. Biol. t.3 1972).
Arches ® Platine 310/gsm + Dead Vegetation Frame
🕳 Platinotype, 2019
🎙“BoCA Sub21 is a critical and authoritative platform, where the voice of a generation can transform the world or not, but it will get you going. Its main format is the continuous sharing of a meeting, learning and crossing space, which will result in public presentations, such as discussion forums or performances, during the biennial. The group meets every Saturday morning in February, March and April, talks, laughs, debates, decides, writes, builds images, publishes and involves the body and mind in creative and learning processes. (…) Is an artistic laboratory where “things” happen; where one lives the construction of a biennial, where one experiences the making of installations, shows, concerts and where one rehearses what it is to be a spectator.”
via BoCA Biennial 💡

🕵️📜 Visual notes that were recorded in Romania, mostly in Bucharest, between the period of October 2019 and January 2020. The Montage resulted in a fast sequence, blending the Vertical and Horizontal position of the videos that were saved in the Camera Roll of my phone. The compilation of these short narratives ended up being integrated in an Interactive Circuit. The project can be read in Media Players (DVD) w/ remote.💼 (Full-length: 14'07")
Photo essay for CABEÇA (Magazine)
💌 Photo essay for CABEÇA (Magazine), Issue 5 - FUTURE
Edited by: Simão Boucherie Mendes
Friends Pissing
At night, cities come alive with a distinct rhythm and code, transforming ordinary locations and overlooked corners into enigmatic places concealed by the shadows. 
Y? - Retrato Geracional
Platform about Youth Communities.
Produced by Daniela Oliveira (FBAUL)
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